woman pondering god

Do you know what you have to do to be forgiven by God, loved by God, to die and be restored and be with God??

Absolutely nothing. 0. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Did I say nothing?

You don’t need to believe in God, cuz God believes in you. You don’t have to accept Jesus because Jesus has already accepted you. You don’t need to go to Church, be Baptized, read the Bible, believe the Bible, take Communion, be Confirmed, say a Prayer, do Good Deeds, make Confession, have a date you can name as your Conversion, be Born Again!

Now all those things are fine and dandy if you have done them or choose to. But none of that makes you “acceptable” to God. You are already accepted and loved.

Now, may you have divine strength to endure life, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy the good, as well as persevere through bad to your best abilities.

But just remember this, and may it encourage your heart! You will be fine in the end. Love Wins. You will be with God, you will be restored, renewed and will be in deep peace!

— Pastor Paul Bergmann