The bible is the word of men about God. It is a amazing compilation of stories, some fiction some rooted in actual events, all wrestling with what it means to be alive and human. It’s a progressive book!

Literally taking humanity forward in giant leaps, in context to the surrounding cultures and societal norms of the time. Parts of this book are so inspiring you’d say it was “inspired by God!” It reaches its apex, mountain top in the form of Jesus. The “fullness of the God”, the “character” and “exact image of God” in bodily form, so it describes him. As he said “if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father.”

What we see is love, grace, healing, peace in everything he does. We worship and follow Jesus, not the bible. The bible is not the word of God but contains the progressive revelation of God, its zenith being the incarnate one and his unconditional love. And we mean what we say…that God’s love is without conditions. God’s love will restore, heal, make right and whole again the entire world and everything, everyone who has ever been in it. This happens through Jesus. Love Wins. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

— Pastor Paul Bergmann