At Community Church, we’d rather be excluded for who we include than included for who we exclude…

Some people “need” a higher power badly, whether they know it or not. Some, don’t need one at all! I believe God is there for those who have that need, and not the least offended by those that don’t. God in fact, might be happy for them! Proud even. As a pastor I’m there to help those who “need” a higher power. And there to cheer those on who do not! And without judgement for either that change their mind at any given moment. LOVEWINS.

In no particular order:

1.) Never trust a pastor, priest, or “holy” person just because of their position. Trust trustworthy people.

2.) Never give money to a church just because it’s a church. Give money to worthy organizations.

3.) Never attend a church just because it’s your church. Attend a church that makes the lives it touches better.

4.) Never adopt a creed just because it’s the church’s creed. Adopt a creed that accurately maps the world.

5.) Never relinquish your agency to a sacred text. Never relinquish your agency. Remain responsible for your actions.

6.) Never lie about your church, sacred texts, or pastor. Always tell the truth, to others, and to yourself.

7.) Never turn away from evidence, however damning it might be to your faith. Follow the evidence wherever it leads.

8.) Never pretend to believe or to know things that you don’t actually believe or know. Admit when you’re uncertain. Practice the honesty of song, “I don’t know.”

9.) Never harm someone because of your faith. A faith that leads your away from greater care and concern for the world it’s a faith you should walk away from.

10.) Never give up on faith. This or that particular faith may come or go. But faith, believing, trust…well, that’s baked into the fabric of the universe.

11.) Never stop asking questions.

At Community Church we don’t care if you cuss, drink, smoke, dance, mix bathe, go to movies, like rap or metal, wear bikinis, short skirts, short sleeves, hats, tattoos, are interracial, live together, married, divorced, gay, straight, have brown skin, legal citizen, illegal, green card holder, contribute money, have no money, pray, don’t pray, have faith, lack faith, believe in God, are agnostic, atheist, other religion, male, female, something between, in recovery, currently addicted! We just care that you are sharing the space with us. We want to do what we can to make our world a better place. Through helping and valuing ALL others, we become better versions of ourselves and the world a better version of itself!

Community Church