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Maria David

325 Sunset Street, Oak View 93022
Phone: (805) 798-9287
Facebook: OVCC

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Our Vision

By calling ourselves a Progressive Christian Community, we mean that we are Christians who:

1. Have found an approach to God through the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ.

2. Recognize the faithfulness of other people who have other names for the way to God’s realm.

3. Understand the sharing of bread and wine in Jesus’ name to be a representation of an ancient vision of God’s feast for all peoples.

4. Invite ALL people to participate in our community and worship life without insisting that they become like us in order to be acceptable.

5. Know that the way we love and behave toward one another and toward other people is the fullest expression of what we believe.

6. Find more grace in the search for meaning than in absolute certainty, in the questions than in the answers.

7. Recognize that being followers of Jesus is costly, and entails selfless love, conscientious resistance to evil, and renunciation of privilege.

8. See ourselves as a spiritual community in which we care for one another, strive for justice and peace among all people, care for God’s creation, and bring hope to those Jesus called the least (the marginalized, powerless, under-resourced, defeated) of his sisters and brothers.

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